Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications: Using MATLAB.pdf

Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications: Using MATLAB.pdf


Designed for those who want to gain a practical knowledge of modern computational techniques for the numerical solution of linear algebra problems, Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications contains all the material necessary for a graduate course on numerical linear algebra and numerous applications to engineering and science used in industry. With a unified presentation of computation, basic algorithm analysis, and numerical methods to compute solutions, this book is ideal for solving real-world problems. It provides necessary mathematical background information for those who want to learn to solve linear algebra problems using MATLAB, and offers a thorough explanation of the issues and methods for practical computation, avoiding an extensive theorem-proof type of exposition for practical use. * The most detailed explanations and examples in the field* Real research examples and results for best practice* A wide range of practical applications to help solve a wide variety of engineering problems using MATLAB* Examples from scientific engineering applications


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