The Times Britain from Above.pdf

The Times Britain from Above.pdf


Aerial photography has been practised for as long as man has been airborne. This book looks back at over 150 years of exploring Britain from above, marking historical change, and never before seen images from high above the British Isles. This book not only details the changing face of Britain, but also gives a unique perspective on the ways in which we document the world around us. A history of aerial photography Aerial photography has always been about more than just aesthetic value. In the First World War it was utilised to improve existing maps of huge swathes of land, utilising pilots and observers as impromptu photographers. This book documents the changing nature of aerial photography and mapping, using an extensive historical and present day mapping collection. Over 150 years of aerial photography The Times Britain from Above provides a unique insight not just into how Britain has changed over the years, but also in understanding how we have got to where we are today, both in terms of aerial photography and mapping, and the social and cultural change within the nation. Techniques have changed since photographers leant out of the first hot air balloons, as have the subjects - from photographing 19th rural Britain, to detailing the Games of the Thirtieth Olympiad in 2012. The Times Britain from Above provides a unique showcase of the changing nature of Britain and its inhabitants. By combining these resources, readers are guided through the shifting ways that we come to understand the world around us. Changing Britain, changing methods Not only has Britain changed, but so have the tools of photography. Each chapter details a region of Britain, highlighting key social, cultural and technological changes over the years. Grainy images and cracked screens have given way to high resolution detail. The history of aerial photography may be a relatively short one, yet the photographs within this volume tell stories not only of the changing landscape of Britain, but also of the men and women who took them. This book also tells the story of the people in the air, through 6 brief glances into the lives of the pioneering men and women who helped change the way we see Britain forever.


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