Rock Magnetic Cyclostratigraphy.pdf

Rock Magnetic Cyclostratigraphy.pdf


Rock magnetic cyclostratigraphy merges environmental magnetism, in which rock magnetic measurements are used to detect past environmental change, and cyclostratigraphy, in which cyclic variations of lithology or a sedimentary rock's physical properties are related to astronomically-forced paleoclimate change. In addition to providing paleoclimate data, cyclostratigraphy can establish high-resolution chronostratigraphy for a sequence of sedimentary rocks, even at distant times in Earth's history. This book provides an overview of concepts underlying these two techniques, recipes for the time series analysis of cyclostratigraphy, and case studies to illustrate the variety and breadth of problems addressed by rock magnetic cyclostratigraphy. New Analytical Methods in Earth and Environmental Science Because of the plethora of analytical techniques now available, and the acceleration of technological advance, many earth scientists find it difficult to know where to turn for reliable information on the latest tools at their disposal, and may lack the expertise to assess the relative strengths or limitations of a particular technique. This new series will address these difficulties by providing accessible introductions to important new techniques, lab and field protocols, suggestions for data handling and interpretation, and useful case studies. The series represents an invaluable and trusted source of information for researchers, advanced students and applied earth scientists wishing to familiarise themselves with emerging techniques in their field. All titles in this series are available in a variety of full-colour, searchable eBook formats. Titles are also available in an enhanced eBook edition which may include additional features such as DOI linking, high resolution graphics and video.

Ken Kodama is Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Lehigh University. He has taught Earth sciences and conducted paleomagnetic and rock magnetic research with his students at Lehigh for the past 36 years. In his time away from paleomagnetism he enjoys playing music. Linda Hinnov is a research Professor at Johns Hopkins University specializing in the astronomical forcing of Earth's paleoclimate system. She has longstanding interests in cyclostratigraphy, and its implications for the evolution of Earth's geophysical and astronomical parameters and the geologic time scale.


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