The Future of God: A Practical Approach to Spirituality for Our Times.pdf

The Future of God: A Practical Approach to Spirituality for Our Times.pdf


The Future of God deals with a subject that Deepak feels especially passionate about: the role of spirituality in today's world. While providing an insightful critique of atheism, Chopra offers an empowering message, asking us to re-evaluate how we look at and live with God in our lives. He acknowledges that, for many of us, faith poses an immense challenge today, for how is it possible to believe in a deity who matters? If we are to save faith, Chopra reasons, we must find new ways of living with God, which may mean rethinking our approach to reality itself.

"The rock star of the new spirituality" Guardian "One of the most lucid and inspired philosophers of our time" -- Mikhail Gorbachev "Worth reading because here's a medical doctor working hard to marry up Eastern mysticism with Western pragmatism" -- Jeanette Winterson The Times

Acknowledged as one of the world's greatest leaders in the field of mind/body medicine, Dr Deepak Chopra trained in India and the United States, and now runs the Chopra Center for Well Being in California. He has written over 50 books, which have been translated into 35 languages. He lectures and conducts seminars and workshops around the world, is a regular guest on e.g. CNN, and is a regular blogger on,, Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Health and Intent Blog. Visit his website at


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