The Anatomy of Liverpool: A History in Ten Matches.pdf

The Anatomy of Liverpool: A History in Ten Matches.pdf


Wags, Carlos Tevez, foreign owners, Sky pundits, the 39th game, Mario Balotelli's bathroom much of the acres of news coverage of football these days has so little to do with what actually goes on on the pitch. Jonathan Wilson has made a name for himself focusing on tactics (with the award-winning Inverting the Pyramid) and how events on the pitch have shaped football history (The Anatomy of England). Here, Wilson borrows the formula from the latter title to produce a forensic analysis of ten key Liverpool games that have shaped the club's fortunes over the last century: from the long lost triumphs of Tom Watson (a nineteenth-century Bill Shankly) to 1970s European triumph over the likes of Borussia Monchengladbach, to the mind-blowing 2005 comeback against AC Milan.

Jonathan Wilson is the Football Correspondent of the Financial Times and author of the critically acclaimed 'Behind the Curtain: Football in Eastern Europe'. Follow Jonathan Wilson on Twitter at


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