Ubuntu Touch: Using the Ubuntu OS on Your Smartphone or Tablet.pdf

Ubuntu Touch: Using the Ubuntu OS on Your Smartphone or Tablet.pdf


The eagerly-anticipated Ubuntu Touch brings one of the world's most powerful open source operating systems to a whole new world of devices: tablets, smartphones, and beyond. Ubuntu Touch is the first and only comprehensive introduction to Canonical's exciting new mobile operating system. Perfect for everyone from adventurous early adopters to developers and support professionals, it will be especially valuable to the millions of open source aficionados who've made Ubuntu the #1 desktop distribution of Linux. Best-selling author and influential tech blogger Mike McCallister covers all this, and more: * Getting started with Ubuntu Touch, and navigate its unique, button-less interface * Installing Ubuntu Touch on an Android device (including setting up dual-boot) * What Android, iOS, and Windows Phone users need to know to get productive fast * Using Ubuntu Touch's "Core Apps": Calendar, To-Dos, Reminders, and more * Setting up email accounts and RSS feeds * Using productivity tools, from LibreOffice to PDF readers * Connecting to Ubuntu One Music, Ubuntu TV, YouTube, and other media resources * Socializing on Facebook * Finding the best third-party apps (since there's no specific Ubuntu Touch store) * Managing your files locally and through Ubuntu One's cloud storage * Getting help, troubleshoot problems, and connect with the worldwide Ubuntu community * Getting started developing native or HTML5 apps for Ubuntu Touch

PART 1: Introduction to Ubuntu Touch 1: Introduction and Key Features 2. Migrating from Another Phone PART 2: Working With Ubuntu Touch 3: Getting Comfortable With Your Touch Device 4. Ubuntu Rituals: Interface and Utilities 5. Information and Productivity 6. Entertainment and Interaction 7. Files and Commands PART 3: Contributing to the Ubuntu Community 8. Finding Bugs, Getting Help 9. Developing Apps 10. Ubuntu User Communities: Locos and Virtual


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