Patient Assessment in Pharmacy.pdf

Patient Assessment in Pharmacy.pdf


This is a new way for pharmacy students to learn the art and science of patient assessment. This unique learning text teaches pharmacy students how to collect and interpret patient information with the goal of making an accurate diagnosis. The book incorporates a diagnostic schemata that enables readers to integrate the findings and identify the causes of the patient problems. Presented in full color, Patient Assessment in Pharmacy includes real-life situations and examples and encourages students to diagnose and treat minor illnesses. The author team is a unique mix of educators and practitioners.

Rick Herrier, PharmD and David Apjar, PharmD (Tucson, AZ) are affiliated with the University of Arizona, Department of Pharmacy. Robert Boyce,PharmD (Corvallis,OR) isDirector of Pharmacy,Plageman Student Health Center,Oregon State University. Stephen Foster,PharmD (Memphis, TN) is affiliated with the University of Tennessee in Memphis.

Principles of Patient Assessment* General Approach to the patient* History Taking* Physical Assessment* DocumentationCommunicating with Patient and medicalstaff** Approach to differential diagnosisAssessment of Symptoms* Runny nose* Red eye* Sore throat* Ear pain* Cough* Difficulty breathing* Chest pain* Heartburn* Nausea* Diarrhea* Constipation* Sports injusries* Swollen painful joints* Headache* Dysuria* Vaginal discharge* Skin RashAssessment in the Diagnosis and Management ofChronic Diseases and Their Complications* Hypertension* Hyperlipidemia* Diabetes Mellitus* Hypothyroidism* Seizure Disorders* Congestive Heart Failure* Asthama/COPD* TIA/CVA* Osteoarthritis* Osteoporosis* Oral ContraceptionAssessment of Potential Drug Related Problems* Liver* Renal* Bleeding* Psychiatric Medications


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