Hand Made Baking: Recipes to Warm the Heart.pdf

Hand Made Baking: Recipes to Warm the Heart.pdf


Kamran Siddiqi, the self-taught baker and talented young blogger behind the Sophisticated Gourmet, delivers simple yet sophisticated recipes in his first book, a collection of more than 75 of his favourite homemade sweets. Designed to entice new bakers with his infectious passion for baking (and sugar in all its glorious forms), the pages are filled with classic favourites like Cream Scones and Chocolate Cake as well as lesser-known indulgences such as Chocolate Brown Sugar Pavlova and Pistachio Polvorones. Kamran also believes in baking as a form of therapy, which comes through in such soothing balms as his Heartbreak Chocolate Truffle Cookies. With glorious photographs of each and every treat, Hand Made Baking is perfect for aspiring home cooks with an eye for the elevated taste and beauty of all things hand made.

"This sweet debut from Kamran Siddiqi covers everything from morning pastries through after-dinner desserts, rustic, and encompassing the flavors I crave. With beautiful photographs, Kamran has captured the essence of home baking, detailing every luscious, buttery crust and crumb. You'll be tempted to lick each and every page."-- David Lebovitz, author of My Paris Kitchen

Kamran is a food writer, recipe developer, web developer and food photographer. He blogs at his website www.sophisticatedgourmet.com. Kamran has been featured in Gourmet Live, Yum Food & Fun Magazine, The Cooking Channel Blog, and Epicurious.com, among others. In his spare time (hah!), he's a full time student at Seton Hall University studying English Lit, Journalism and Art History.


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