Ceramic Matrix Composites: Materials, Modeling and Technology.pdf

Ceramic Matrix Composites: Materials, Modeling and Technology.pdf


This book is a comprehensive source of information on various aspects of ceramic matrix composites (CMC). It covers ceramic and carbon fibers; the fiber-matrix interface; processing, properties and industrial applications of various CMC systems; architecture, mechanical behavior at room and elevated temperatures, environmental effects and protective coatings, foreign object damage, modeling, life prediction, integration and joining. Each chapter in the book is written by specialists and internationally renowned researchers in the field. This book will provide state-of-the-art information on different aspects of CMCs. The book will be directed to researchers working in industry, academia, and national laboratories with interest and professional competence on CMCs. The book will also be useful to senior year and graduate students pursuing degrees in ceramic science and engineering, materials science and engineering, aeronautical, mechanical, and civil or aerospace engineering.

Preface PART I. Fibers, Interface and Architecture 1. Reinforcement of Ceramic Matrix Composites: Properties of SiC-Based Filaments and Tows Jacques Lamon, Rene Pailler, and Stephane Mazerat 2. Carbon Fibers Herwig Peterlik 3. Influence of Interfaces and Interphases on the Mechanical Behaviour of Fiber Reinforced Ceramic Matrix Composites Jacques Lamon 4. Textile Reinforcements. Architectures, Mechanical Behaviour and Forming Philippe Boisse PART II. Composite Materials 5. Carbon/Carbons and Their Industrial Applications Hiroshi Hatta, Roland Weiss, and Patrick David 6. C/SiC and C/C-SiC Composites Bernhard Heidenreich 7. Advances in SiC/SiC Composites for Aero-Propulsion James A. DiCarlo 8. Oxide/Oxide Composites Kristin A. Keller, George Jefferson, and Ronald J Kerans 9. Ultra-High Temperature Ceramic-Based Composites Yutaka Kagawa and Shuqi Guo PART III. Environmental Effects and Coatings 10. Environmental Effects on Oxide/Oxide Composites Marina B. Ruggles-Wrenn 11. Stress-Environmental Effects on Fiber Reinforced SiC-Based Composites Gregory N. Morscher 12. Environmental Effects: Ablation of C/C Materials ? Surface Dynamics and Effective Reactivity Gerard L. Vignoles, Jean Lachaud, and Yvan Aspa 13. Radiation Effects Yutai Katoh 14. Foreign Object Damage in Ceramic Matrix Composites Sung R. Choi 15. Environmental Barrier Coatings (EBCs) for SiCf/SiC Kang N. Lee 16. Oxidation Protective Coatings for Ultrahigh Temperature Composites Qiangang Fu and Yiguang Wang PART IV. Modeling 17. Damage and Lifetime Modeling for Structure Computations Pierre Ladeveze, E. Baranger, M. Genet, and C. Cluzel 18. Approach to microstructure-behavior relationships for ceramic matrix composites reinforced by continuous fibers Jacques Lamon PART V. Joining 19. Integration and Joining of Ceramic Matrix Composites Monica Ferraris and Valentina Casalegno PART VI. Non-Destructive Evaluation 20. Use of Acoustic Emission for Ceramic Matrix Composites Gregory N. Morscher and Nathalie Godin PART VII. Applications 21. CMC Applications to Gas Turbines Patrick Spriet 22. Ceramic Matrix Composites: Nuclear Applications Cedric Sauder 23. Ceramic Matrix Composites for Friction Applications Walter Krenkel and Jacques Thebault Subject Index


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