A de activista.pdf

A de activista.pdf


Following on the outrageous success of Innosanto Nagara’s A is for Activist (now in its fourth printing), A de Activista is a Spanish-language ABC board book written by Grammy Award-winning lyricist and singer Martha Gonzalez and illustrated by Nagara for the next generation of progressives: families who want their kids to grow up in a space that is unapologetic about activism, environmental justice, civil rights, LGBTQ rights, and everything else that activists believe in and fight for. The alliteration, rhyming, and vibrant illustrations make the book exciting for children, calling them to action while teaching them a love for books.

“A is for absolutely wonderful! B is for beautiful illustrations. C is for creative use of labor philosophy. D is for promoting Democracy. E is for Excellent. This is NOT a mundane, rote memorization academic book. This book makes me want to jump and sing and color and paint and learn.”—New Mexico State Representative Christine Trujillo
“A de Artista—A de Activista—une los dos y serás Artivista!!” 


Martha Gonzalez is an artist, activist, feminist music theorist, and Fulbright scholar from East Los Angeles. For the past seventeen years, she has been a singer and percussionist for the band Quetzal, a group that has made a considerable impact on LA’s Chicano music scene, winner of the 2013 Grammy Award for “Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album for Imaginaries. Gonzalez has recently worked on a project entitled Entre Mujeres: Feminine Translocal Music Composition, and is currently finishing a dissertation on Chicana artivista resistances in Los Angeles.
Innosanto Nagara is a graphic designer who worked for a range of social change organizations before founding the Design Action Collective, a worker-owned cooperative design studio in Oakland, California. He wrote and illustrated A is for Activist, his first book for children, for his (then) two-year-old son, and it was at his invitation that Gonzalez came aboard to author the Spanish-language version. Inno lives in Oakland with his partner and son.


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