JavaFXRich Client Programming on the Netbeans Platform.pdf

JavaFXRich Client Programming on the Netbeans Platform.pdf


Now built into Java and able to integrate with the NetBeans Platform, JavaFX is today's state- of- the- art Java- based toolkit. With JavaFX, you can create advanced user interfaces, manipulate media, generate graphical effects and animations, and much more. The NetBeans Platform provides a framework for building robust, modular applications with long life expectancies. Together JavaFX and the NetBeans Platform provide the basis for creating visually appealing, industrial- strength applications. Focusing on JavaFX as the front end for tomorrow's most powerful rich client applications, this book covers JavaFX 8 with the NetBeans Platform, NetBeans 8, and Java 8 in its examples. Gail and Paul Anderson fully explain JavaFX 8 and its relationship with the NetBeans Platform architecture, and systematically show Java developers how to use them together effectively. Each concept and technique is supported by clearly written code examples proven through their extensive classroom teaching experience. Coverage includes: * Background Basics with Java, JavaFX, and Events * Building loosely coupled applications * NetBeans Platform Modules and Lookup * NetBeans Platform Nodes, Explorer Views, Actions * Integrating JavaFX with a Swing- based framework * Using JavaFX Charts with the NetBeans Platform * Using the NetBeans Platform File System and Data System * Keeping the UI responsive * Building CRUD- based applications

1. Getting Started with JavaFX 2. JavaFX Basics 3. JavaFX UI Controls 4. JavaFX Properties and Binding 5. JavaFX Animation 6. JavaFX Charts 7. JavaFX Media 8. A Tour of the NetBeans Platform 9. Background Basics 10. Working with the NetBeans Platform 11. JavaFX with the NetBeans Platform 12. The NetBeans Platform Window System 13. Lookup and Selection Management 14. Nodes and Explorer Views 15. Actions 16. Dialogs 17. Wizards 18. Data Access 19. Distribution Appendix: The Rest of the Story


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