Transnational Security.pdf

Transnational Security.pdf


Transnational security issues include a range of topics, including nonproliferation, terrorism, organized crime, cybercrime, societal conflict, and energy security. In addition, grave concerns are raised by natural and man-made disasters, infectious diseases, food security, scarcity of natural resources, and climate change. These phenomena are ubiquitous throughout the world and threaten our livelihood. This book fills a void in the literature by addressing these issues at the forefront of every global leader's domestic and regional security agenda. Using a combination of theory and real-world examples, this book illustrates the global nature of the security risk phenomenon.

Transnational Security: An Introduction The Security Dilemma, Crisis Decision-Making and War Weapons of Mass Destruction and Nonproliferation Transnational Terrorism Transnational Crime and Border Security Cybercrime Natural Disasters: A Forgotten Security Risk? Nuclear and Man-Made Disasters Infectious Diseases Security Issues in Conflict and Post-Conflict Societies Food Shortages and the Fight for Natural Resources Energy Security: Current Issues The Future of Transnational Security


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