Handbook of Health Survey Methods.pdf

Handbook of Health Survey Methods.pdf


Handbook of Health Survey Methods is the only comprehensive, self-contained resource that presents the statistical techniques need for working with the data, respondents, and challenges that are specific to health survey research. An ideal reference/refresher for academics and practitioners who apply survey methods and analyze data in the fields of biomedicine, public health, epidemiology, and biostatistics, the book guides readers through the development of sample designs, data collection procedures, and analysis methods for studies aimed at gathering health information on a general or targeted population.

Preface Acknowledgements 1. Origins and Development of Health Survey Methods Timothy P. Johnson, University of Illinois at Chicago Design & Sampling Issues 2. Sampling for community health surveys Mikael Battaglia, Battaglia Consulting Group, LLC 3. Developing a survey sample design for population-based case-control studies Ralph DiGaetano, Westat 4. Sampling rare populations James Wagner & Sunghee Lee, University of Michigan Design & Measurement Issues 5. Assessing physical health Todd Rockwood, University of Minnesota 6. Developing and selecting mental health measures Ronald Kessler, Harvard & Beth-Ellen Pennell, University of Michigan 7. Developing measures of health behavior & health service utilization Paul Beatty, National Center for Health Statistics 8. Self-rated health in health surveys Sunghee Lee, University of Michigan 9. Pretesting of health survey questionnaires: Cognitive interviewing, usability testing, and behavior coding Gordon Willis, National Cancer Institute 10. Cross-cultural considerations in health surveys Brad Edwards, Westat 11. Survey methods for social network research Ben Cornwell and Emily Hoagland, Cornell University 12. New technologies for health survey research Joe Murphy, Elizabeth Dean, Craig A. Hill & Ashley Richards, RTI International Field Issues 13. Community outreach and collaboration Steven Whitman, Sinai Urban Health Institute, Ami Shah, UCLA, Mauren Benjamins and Joseph West, Sinai Urban Health Institute 14. Proxy reporting in health surveys Joe Sakshaug, Institute for Employment Research, Nuremberg, Germany 15. The collection of biospecimens in health surveys Joesph Sakshaug, Institute for Employment Research, Nuremberg, Germany, Mary Beth Ofstedal, Heidi Guyer, University of Michigan & Timothy Beebe, Mayo Clinic 16. Collecting contextual health survey data using systematic observation Shannon Zenk, Sandy Slater & Safa Rashid, University of Illinois at Chicago 17. Collecting survey data on sensitive topics: substance use Joe Gforerer and Joel Kennet, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration 18. Collecting survey data on sensitive topics: sexual behavior Tom W. Smith, NORC at the University of Chicago 19. Ethical considerations in collecting health survey data Emily E. Anderson, Loyola University Health Surveys of Special Populations 20. Surveys of physicians Jonathan B. VanGeest, Kent State University, Timothy Beebe, Mayo Clinic, & Timothy P. Johnson, University of Illinois at Chicago 21. Surveys of health care organizations John D. Loft, Joe Murphy & Craig A. Hill, RTI International 22. Surveys of patient populations Francis Fullam, Rush University Medical Center & Jonathan B. VanGeest, Kent State University 23. Surveying sexual and gender minorities Melissa A. Clark, Brown University, Samantha Rosenthal, Brown University, and Ulrike Boehmer, Boston University 24. Surveying people with disabilities: Moving towards better practices and policies Rooshey Hasnain, University of Illinois at Chicago, Mike Scott, Illinois Dept. of Human Services, Carmit-Noa Shpigelman, University of Haifa, Israel, Jon R. Gunderson, Hadi Bargi Rangin, University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign, Ashmeet Oberoi, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Liam McKeever, University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign Data Management & Analysis 25. Assessing the quality of health survey data through modern test theory Adam C. Carle, University of Cincinnati 26. Sample weighting for health surveys Ken Copeland, and Nadarajasundaram Ganesh, NORC at University of Chicago 27. Merging survey data with administrative data for health research Michael Davern, NORC at the University of Chicago, Marc Roemer, US Census Bureau, and Wendy Thomas, University of Minnesota 28. Merging survey data with aggregate data from other sources: Opportunities and challenges Jarvis T. Chen, Harvard University 29. Analysis of complex health survey data Stas Kolenikov, Abt SRBI and Jeff Pitblado, Stata


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