Tips for Meanies: Thrifty Wisdom from the Oldie.pdf

Tips for Meanies: Thrifty Wisdom from the Oldie.pdf


'For many Meanies, the solace of a nice cup of tea is offset by the pain of having to discard a perfectly good teabag after only one use. But short of hanging up used teabags to dry, what's the alternative?' Tips for Meanies presents a host of alternative uses for common or garden household goods. Who knew you could use the humble teabag to make organic fertilizer or to retain moisture at the bottom of a plant pot? Or that shampoo is so good for removing stains and ideal for washing delicates? With the wit and wisdom of Jane Thynne accompanied by full colour illustrations by veteran illustrator Martin Honeysett, this is the perfect gift book for the Meanie in all our lives.

Jane Thynne was born in Venezuela and educated in London. She graduated from Oxford University with a degree in English and joined the BBC as a journalist. She has also worked at the Sunday Times, the Daily Telegraph and the Independent, as well as numerous British magazines. She appears as a broadcaster on Radio 4. She is married to the writer Philip Kerr. They have three children and live in London. Martin Honeysett is a renowned cartoonist and illustrator, whose work has appeared in Punch, Private Eye, the Evening Standard, the Observer, the Oldie and many other magazines and newspapers.


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