The Bloomsbury Companion to Holocaust Literature.pdf

The Bloomsbury Companion to Holocaust Literature.pdf


The Bloomsbury Companion to Holocaust Literature is a comprehensive reference resource including a wealth of critical material on a diverse range of topics within the literary study of Holocaust writing. At its centre is a series of specially commissioned essays by leading scholars within the field: these address genre-specific issues such as the question of biographical and historical truth in Holocaust testimony, as well as broader topics including the politics of Holocaust representation and the validity of comparative approaches to the Holocaust in literature and criticism. These original essays are complemented by a host of other features designed to benefit scholars and students within this subject area, including a substantial section detailing new and emergent trends within the literary study of the Holocaust, a concise glossary of major critical terminology, and an annotated bibliography of relevant research material. The volume will be of interest and value to scholars and students of Holocaust literature, memorial culture, Jewish Studies, genocide studies, and twentieth and twenty-first century literature more broadly. Contributors: Victoria Aarons, Jenni Adams, Michael Bernard-Donals, Matthew Boswell, Stef Craps, Richard Crownshaw, Brett Ashley Kaplan and Fernando Herrero-Matoses, Adrienne Kertzer, Erin McGlothlin, David Miller, and Sue Vice.

Jenni Adams is Lecturer in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Literature at the University of Sheffield, UK. Her previous publications include Magic Realism in Holocaust Literature: Troping the Traumatic Real.

How to use this book \ Introduction \ Part I: A-Z of Key Terms and Concepts \ Part II: Current Research and Issues \ 1. Literary Tradition(s) and the Holocaust, Victoria Aarons \ 2. Questions of Truth in Holocaust Memoir and Testimony, Sue Vice \ 3. Poetry after Auschwitz: Reconsiderations \ 4. Relationships to Realism in Holocaust Fiction, Jenni Adams \ 5. Holocaust Literature and Theory, Michael Bernard-Donals \ 6. Childhood and the Holocaust, Adrienne Kertzer \ 7. Holocaust Postmemory, Brett Ashley Kaplan \ 8. Representing Perpetrators, Erin McGlothlin \ 9. The Holocaust and the Taboo, Matthew Boswell \ 10. Holocaust Literature: Comparative Approaches, Stef Craps \ 11. The Politics of Holocaust Representation, Rick Crownshaw \ Part III: New Directions in Holocaust Literary Studies \ Part IV: Contemporary Writers - Interviews \ Resources \ Annotated Bibliography \ Index.


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