Obica: Mozzarella Bar. Pizza e Cucina. The Cookbook.pdf

Obica: Mozzarella Bar. Pizza e Cucina. The Cookbook.pdf


Celebrated as the world’s first mozzarella bar, Obikà presents a collection of simply prepared Italian recipes that combine Italy’s finest artisanal ingredients with innovative presentations. Obikà—a Sicilian expression meaning "here we are"—was founded in Rome in 2004 as the first mozzarella bar, with every dish prepared in full view of the diner. Known for presenting traditional Italian products in a clear and contemporary way, Obikà has since expanded worldwide with more than twenty restaurants in Italy, England, Japan, and the United States. With over one hundred recipes, the book is organized as a series of ideal menus consisting of various dishes made with Italy’s classic regional ingredients sourced from artisanal producers. The recipes are accompanied by suggested wine pairings tailored to fit Obikà’s signature mozzarella combinations, salads, the first and second courses, desserts, and its iconic oval pizzas made with slow-rising yeast.

Silvio Ursini, the creative director of many luxury brands, launched Obikà in 2004. With branches in Florence, Los Angeles, Milan, Naples, New York, Rome, London, and Tokyo, Obikà is poised to open its first location in Dubai.


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