Drawing & Painting Horses.pdf

Drawing & Painting Horses.pdf


This is a hugely inspiring and informative guide to drawing and painting horses by expert equestrian artist, Eva Dutton. It begins with advice on materials for sketching and drawing, and for painting in various media such as watercolour, gouache, acrylics and pens, then moves on to finding inspiration, drawing from life and using reference material and anatomical drawings. It goes on to show how to develop from basic scribble drawings to shape drawings, then to adding shadow and tone, to portraying movement, getting proportions right and adding detail. Next we move on to painting horses, with advice on composition, backgrounds, coats, colours and markings, mixing colours and using different painting techniques. There are then five stunning step-by-step demonstrations ranging from a simple head and neck, through full horses depicted with various backgrounds and a horse cantering through water, to a beautiful, detailed painting of a herd of horses. Eva's exquisite paintings will inspire readers and her detailed instruction, from initial marks to final paintings, will encourage them to have a go.

Eva Dutton is a professional artist and qualified riding instructor (BHSAI) and stable manager (BHS). She studied fine art at Norwich School of Art and has spent many years combining her love of painting with her professional equestrian work. She currently works to commission and exhibits widely. As well as her love for horses, she has a passion for wildlife and the landscape. She is now painting wolves and other creatures as well as farm and domestic animals. Eva is a member of the Society of Equestrian Artists and she is currently working full time as a professional artist and illustrator. She lives in Shropshire.

Introduction 6 Materials 8 How to use this book 14 Finding inspiration 16 - Starting to draw 26 Scribbles and shapes 28 Recording observations and ideas 34 - Developing drawings 40 Techniques 42 Locomotion 44 Proportion 50 Conformation 52 Introducing detail 54 - Painting horses 60 Your work space 62 Composition 64 Backgrounds 65 Colours and markings 66 Painting techniques 70 - Demonstrations Katmandu 76 Horse with white mane 88 Rearing horse 100 Mare and foal on seashore 110 Herd of hill ponies 118 - Index 128


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