Sometime I Lie and Sometimes I Don't.pdf

Sometime I Lie and Sometimes I Don't.pdf


Love, injury, deception, uncertainty, and self-sacrifice: debut author Nadja Spiegel is hardly the first person to write about these things, but the way she has written about them is incomparable. Constructing virtuoso depictions of life in a style that lets them get right under your skin, Spiegel's precise, brittle, seemingly straightforward prose paints a vibrant picture of human compromise and cooperation with both humor and restraint. Bittersweet, made up of just a few simple strokes, these stories herald the arrival of an important new voice in European literature.

"It's the tone of these stories, the way they were constructed, that highlights this author's exceptional talent." -- KULTUR "Spiegel... writes of friendship and of growing up. Nothing new, on the face of it, but what's exceptional in this book are the details. It's worth your while to have a look." -- Emily Walton, Falter

Nadja Spiegel was born in 1992 in Lustenau/Vorarlberg, and has published both prose and poetry. She won the Meta-Merz-Preis for young Austrian authors in 2009.


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