African American Music: An Introduction.pdf

African American Music: An Introduction.pdf


African American Music: An Introduction Second edition is a collection of seventeen essays surveying major African American musical genres, both sacred and secular, from slavery to the present. With contributions by leading scholars in the field, this work brings together research based on ethnographic fieldwork, which privileges the voices of the music-makers themselves, while interpreting their narratives through a richly textured mosaic of history and culture. At the same time, it incorporates musical treatments that bring clarity to the structural, melodic, and rhythmic characteristics that both distinguish and unify African American music. The second edition has been substantially revised and updated to serve an introductory course, and includes new essays on African and African American musical continuities, African-derived instrument construction and performance practice, techno, and art music and quartet traditions. Musical transcriptions, photographs, illustrations, and a new Audio CD bring the music to life.

Mellonee V. Burnim is Professor of Folklore and Ethnomusicology at Indiana University. Portia K. Maultsby is Laura Boulton Professor of Folklore and Ethnomusicology and Director of the Archives of African American Music and Culture at Indiana University.

Part 1: Antebellum Formations (1600s-1800s) 1. The Translated African Cultural and Musical Past Portia K. Maultsby 2. African Derived Instruments Ernest Brown 3. Secular Folk Music Dena Epstein w/ Rosita Sands 4. Spirituals Mellonee Burnim Part 2: Post Bellum: Music in Transition (late 1800s-) 5. Quartets Joyce Jackson 6. Ragtime Ingebord Harer 7. Blues David Evans 8. Art/Classical Music Josephine Wright Part 3: Music in Migration: Urban Voices (1900-) 9. Jazz Ingrid Monson 10. Gospel Mellonee Burnim 11. Musical Theater Thomas Riis 12. Rhythm and Blues Portia K. Maultsby 13. Soul Portia K. Maultsby Part 4: Post Civil Rights and Into the New Millenium (1970s-2000s) 14. Funk Portia K. Maultsby 15. Disco and House Kai Fikentscher 16. Detroit Techno Denise Dalphond 17. Hip hop and Rap Dawn Norfleet Glossary Bibliography Discography/Videography Index


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