Hip Pressure Cooking: Fast, Fresh, and Flavorful.pdf

Hip Pressure Cooking: Fast, Fresh, and Flavorful.pdf


The once-lowly and maligned pressure cooker is making a comeback. This relic of your grandparents' kitchen is not only improved and safer these days, but also saves time, creates more flavor, and conserves energy. Laura Pazzaglia wasn't thinking of all this when she tried pressure cooking for the first time, but after watching a friend make dinner in 10 minutes, Pazzaglia knew she had found the solution to her time-crunched life. She cooked so much that she began offering recipes and advice on a website she created. At that time pressure cooking recipes didn't emphasize aesthetics; while the food might be delicious, it was often unappealing in presentation. Pazzaglia figured out how to make pressure cooked food appealing, and gained a large following for her recipes and techniques. A culmination of her experience, "Hip Pressure Cooking" offers over 250 surefire recipes. The range is astounding, including sections on cooking with ingredients like eggs, and the special cooking techniques Laura has developed and perfected over the years. The emphasis on fresh ingredients is sure to appeal to today's modern consumer. Additionally Laura shares her in-depth knowledge about the basic operation of your pressure cooker, walking you through reading the pressure signal, removing the pressure valve, and more. The secret is out--now you can discover the potential of this super appliance with this revolutionary guide to cooking with pressure!

"One of my favorite kitchen tools is the humble pressure cooker. It is an amazing tool for rapidly turning tough foods tender and maximizing flavor. Sadly, pressure cooking is often misunderstood, but Laura Pazzaglia does a fantastic job in explaining the hows and whys of this invaluable cooking method." --Chris Young, cofounder of www.ChefSteps.com and coauthor of "Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking ""Authoritative, concise, and creative, "Hip Pressure Cooking" is the final word on using your pressure cooker to full effect. This isn't just your grandmother's cooking tool. The harried, modern home cook can benefit immensely from a pressure cooker's ability to get an elegant and delicious meal on the table in short order..." --John Becker (Irma Rombauer's grandson) and Megan Scott, "Joy of Cooking" editorial team "If you haven't yet discovered the magic of pressure cooking, this book will make you want to rush out and buy a cooker. "Hip Pressure Cooking" is a treasure trove of imaginative recipes and ingenious techniques that will quickly convince you that there's no better way to prepare healthy, delectable, contemporary meals in minutes." --Lorna Sass, author of "Pressure Perfect "and "Great Vegetarian Cooking under Pressure ""Due to their safety and convenience, electric pressure cookers are rapidly replacing age-old stove-top pressure cookers. However, no one has tackled writing quality recipes for them until now. This is the only book that covers this appliance with new knowledge in a practical and lively manner. Highly recommended. "--Robert J. Wang, CEO, Instant Pot Company"Laura Pazzaglia is one of the most knowledgeable pressure cooker experts we know. . . This book is a comprehensive guide to pressure cookery for everyone--from the beginner to the chef." --Rene ab Egg, head marketing & product management, Kuhn Rikon AG, pressure cooker manufacturers"It is exciting to see a creative handbook that we can we reachd

LAURA PAZZAGLIA picked up her first pressure cooker after seeing a friend make dinner in ten minutes flat. She quickly realized that the flavor of pressure cooked food is like tasting food in high definition! Three years ago Laura launched "hippressurecooking.com" to share her discoveries, recipes, reviews and tips. Today Laura is considered one of the world's top experts. She lives in Italy, near Rome, and travels frequently to the U.S. and Europe to share her passion for pressure cooking.


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