Plant Propagation Concepts and Laboratory Exercises, Second Edition.pdf

Plant Propagation Concepts and Laboratory Exercises, Second Edition.pdf


This new edition integrates modern approaches for studying plant molecular biology and biotechnology into the framework of traditional plant propagation. It emphasizes the principles of plant propagation applied in both temperate and tropical environments. In addition to presenting the essential fundamentals, the book features protocols and practices that students will be able to apply in laboratory and field experiences. This text helps readers choose the best methods for plant propagation including proper media and containers; describes techniques such as budding, cutting, layering, grafting, and cloning; and addresses various propagation challenges.

Part I: Introduction Chapter one - Concept Introduction to plant propagation Caula A. Beyl and Robert N. Trigiano Part II: Botanical basics Chapter two - Concept A Brief Introduction to Plant Anatomy and Morphology Robert N. Trigiano, Jennifer A. Franklin and Dennis J. Gray Chapter three - Concept Plant physiology concepts important for propagation success Caula A. Beyl and Govind C. Sharma Chapter four - Concept Plant Growth Substances Used in Propagation Caula A. Beyl, David W. Burger, and Zong-Ming (Max) Cheng Chapter five - Concept and Laboratory Exercise Sexual Reproduction and Breeding Timothy A. Rinehart, Robert N. Trigiano, Phillip A. Wadl, and Haley S. Smith Chapter six - Concept Juvenility and its Effect on Macro- and Micropropagation Caula A. Beyl Chapter seven - Concept Chimeras Robert M. Skirvin and Margaret A. Norton Part III: Plant propagation structures, media and containers Chapter eight - Concept and Laboratory Exercise Propagation Structures - Types and Management Gerald L. Klingaman Chapter nine - Laboratory Exercise Intermittent Mist Control for Plant Propagation David W. Burger Chapter ten - Concept and Laboratory Exercise Substrates and Containers for Seed and Cutting Propagation and Transplanting Neil S. Mattson and Amy Fulcher Part IV: Plant propagation diseases and the importance of sanitation Chapter eleven- Concept Disease Management Alan S. Windham Chapter twelve - Laboratory Exercise Botrytis and Other Propagation Pathogens Mark P. McQuilken Chapter thirteen- Laboratory Exercise Disinfestation of Soil and Planting Media James J. Stapleton Chapter fourteen - Concept and Laboratory Exercise Crop Certification Programs and the Production of Specific Pathogen-free Plants Danielle J. Donnelly, and A. Dale Chapter fifteen - Concept Building a Plant Propagator's Integrated Pest Management Toolkit William E. Klingeman Part V: Evaluation of propagated plants Chapter sixteen - Concept Evaluation of Data from Propagation Experiments Michael E. Compton Part VI: Propagation by stem cuttings Chapter seventeen - Concept Cloning Plants by Rooting Stem Cuttings John M. Ruter Chapter eighteen - Laboratory Exercise Adventitious Rooting of Woody and Herbaceous Plants Lori D. Osburn, Zong-Ming (Max) Cheng, and Robert N. Trigiano Chapter nineteen - Laboratory Exercise Long Cuttings - a Novel Method to Propagate Woody Plants Wolfgang Spethmann Chapter twenty - Laboratory Exercise Rooting Cuttings of Tropical Plants Richard A. Criley Part VII: Propagation by leaf and root cuttings Chapter twenty-one - Concept Adventitious Shoot and Root Formation on Leaf and Root Cuttings Caula A. Beyl Chapter twenty-two - Laboratory Exercise Propagation by Leaf Cuttings John L. Griffis, Jr. and Malcolm M. Manners Chapter twenty-three- Laboratory Exercise Propagation by Root Cuttings Paul E. Read Part VIII: Layering Chapter twenty-four - Concept and Laboratory Exercise Layering Brian Maynard Part IX: Grafting and budding Chapter twenty-five - Concept and Laboratory Exercise Grafting: Theory and Practice Kenneth W. Mudge Chapter twenty-six - Laboratory Exercise Grafting and Budding with Woody and Herbaceous Species Garry V. McDonald Chapter twenty-seven - Concept and Laboratory Exercise Grafting with Vegetable Plants Chieri Kubota Part X: Bulbs and plants with special structures Chapter twenty-eight - Concept Storage Organs Jeffery A. Adkins and William B. Miller Chapter twenty-nine -Laboratory Exercise Propagating Selected Flowerbulb Species William B. Miller, Jeffery A. Adkins, and John E. Preece Part XI: Micropropagation Chapter thirty - Concept Micropropagation Michael E. Kane, Philip Kauth and Scott Stewart Chapter thirty-one - Concept Getting Started with Tissue Culture- Media Preparation, Sterile Technique and Laboratory Equipment Caula A. Beyl Chapter thirty-two - Laboratory Exercise Micropropagation of Mint Sherry L. Kitto Chapter thirty-three - Concept and Laboratory Exercise Micropropagation of Tropical Root and Tuber Crops Leopold M. Nyochembeng Chapter thirty-four - Laboratory Exercise Micropropagation of Woody Plants Robert R. Tripepi Part XII: Seed production and propagation Chapter thirty-five - Concept and Laboratory Exercise Seed Production, Processing and Analysis J. Kim Pittcock Chapter thirty-six - Laboratory Exercise Practices to Promote Seed Germination Caula A. Beyl Chapter thirty-seven- Concept Producing Seedlings and Bedding Plants Holly L. Scroggins Part XIII: In conclusion: special topics Chapter thirty-eight - Concept The Myths of Plant Propagation Jeffery H. Gillman Chapter thirty-nine - Concept Intellectual Property Protection for Plants Christopher Eisenschenk Chapter forty- Concept Molecular Biology and the Future of Plant Propagation Govind Sharma, Manan Sharma, and Caula A. Beyl


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