A Beginner's Guide to Airbrushing Techniques.pdf

A Beginner's Guide to Airbrushing Techniques.pdf


A thorough manual on airbrushing techniques for beginners. Learn all the techniques you will need to achieve sensational, photographic-style artwork. Detailed step-by-step guides and accompanying photography make this technical art form accessible even for the absolute beginner! Use erasers, scalpels, crayons amongst other devices to adapt and transfer photographs to your own illustrated designs. Expert airbrusher and photorealism artist, Meinrad Froschin, lends his expertise, providing insider tips and advice on materials and equipment while simultaneously giving an insight into his artistic work, particularly his use of transparent colours.

Meinrad Martin Froschin lives and works as a freelance artist in Augsburg, Germany. In 1993, after working as a textile designer for seventeen years, Meinrad became a full-time freelance illustrator specialising in airbrushing, custom painting, body painting, and wall and textile design. He is a widely respected artist in the genre of 'photorealism' and runs several workshops throughout Germany. He has contributed to numerous, books, DVDs and magazine articles on the subject of airbrushing and photorealism.


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