Theories of Truth: An Introduction.pdf

Theories of Truth: An Introduction.pdf


From the Pre-Socratics to the 21st century, Theories of Truth: An Introduction provides a clear, introductory account of the major theories of truth. Starting with a defense of the importance of truth in reflection, this introduction guides readers through correspondence, coherence, deflationist and pragmatic theories to the connection between truth and rationality. Without assuming prior knowledge, it thematically introduces the key theories and explains the challenges and objections that exist as well as the links that can be made with other areas of human inquiry. Informative and critical, each chapter covers a single theory and presents a robust coverage of the debates, accessible descriptions of technicalities and an accurate account of the history. For undergraduates looking to understand the place, development and importance of truth in either epistemology specifically or philosophy in general, Theories of Truth: An Introduction offers a straightforward understanding of truth, clarifying both the history of the theories and the current debates about them.

Timothy M. Mosteller is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at California Baptist University, USA.

Acknowledgements Introduction 1. Truth and Philosophy 2. A Short History of Truth 3. Coherence 4. Pragmatism 5. Deflationism 6. Correspondence 7. Phenomenology 8. Realism 9. Truth and Freedom, Economics and Religion Bibliography Index


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