Modern Sashiko: Beautiful Embroidery Combining the Modern with the Traditional.pdf

Modern Sashiko: Beautiful Embroidery Combining the Modern with the Traditional.pdf


Silke Bosbach shows you how to create 15 stunning embroidery designs which blend modern techniques with the simple and traditional Japanese method of Sashiko. Traditional Sashiko is a simple folk technique originally used for darning. While the conventional craft uses only a basic running stitch to create intricate patterned backgrounds, Silke Bosbach shows you how to adapt this basic style by applying modern surface finishes on numerous textiles and combining it with a variety of other techniques. Explore the fascinating possibilities of these embroidery techniques yourself and be inspired to create your own unique combinations of the modern and traditional!

Silke Bosbach is a designer, lecturer and author known for her brave adaptations and modern interpretations of conventional design techniques. Her areas of expertise include fine art and textile design. She studied Visual Arts at the University of Cologne before going on to train in textile design and has spent the last 19 years actively engaged in the field of textile design. Silke currently works as a freelance designer and a teacher of Fine Art. She also runs private workshops on textile design in addition to organising international trade and consumer exhibitions in collaboration with UNICEF in Germany and Switzerland. Silke has designed numerous pieces for international trade fairs and specialist textile shows and has been awarded many trade industry awards in Germany for her innovative work. This is her first book to be published by Search Press.

Contents 6 The history of sashiko 7 Materials and tools 10 The sashiko stitch Single-stitch sashiko, sashiko patterns 11 Embroidering sashiko Transferring a design to fabric Tacking fabric layers Starting and finishing Stitch lengths Machine embroidery Step by step 14 A simple stitch - a major impact 16 Floral variations Bag with flowers 18 Rising damp Cushion in a wavy design 20 Arc to arc Wrap with linked semi-circles 22 Fishing nets Place mat in a cross-over design 24 Flower links Shopping bag in a floral pattern 26 Grass in the wind Netbook bag with a grass motif 28 Pear blossom Lamp in a floral design 30 Rhythmic rows Table runner 32 Artistic surface designs 34 Shining suns Sashiko and shibori on felt 36 Three-dimensional Sashiko and tying technique on a felt base 38 Floral relief Embroidering pleats on felt 40 Bamboo Sashiko on felt and knitwear 42 Wisteria Sashiko on knit 44 Six-point stars Sashiko in white on white (machine sewn) 46 Crane flowers Sashiko and tucking 48 Patterns / templates 62 Publisher's details, bibliography, sources


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