The Middle-class ABC.pdf

The Middle-class ABC.pdf


I never ever do jacket puffs. Even for indispensable and entirely charming books. I never make an exception. Except this one Stephen Fry A hilarious ramble through middle England House and Garden Glorious compendium ... pins the modern middle class with brilliant and hysterical accuracy Daily Mail The night before I had been reading The Middle Class ABC by Fi Cotter-Craig and Zebedee Helm and chortling at how accurately they skewered so many aspects of my life, from compulsive jam-making to fanatical dish washer loading and vegetable growing Janet Street Porter, Daily Mail Cringe-makingly and consistently funny. The best toilet, I mean loo, book ever Rachel Johnson, Evening Standard Teasingly brilliant ABC that celebrates being middle class ... You will chortle with gusto at these wry observations Field The first time my wife and I read The Middle Class ABC, flicking through the pages as we lay in bed, we ended up galloping through the entire book, increasingly desperate to identify one major characteristic of our lifestyle that hadn't been expertly lampooned and made gloriously funny by the two geniuses who compiled, created and illustrated it Country Life

Fi Cotter-Craig is a television producer and lives in London and Norfolk. She is whip thin, a man-magnet and very occasionally tells dreadful lies. Zebedee Helm, despite a silly name, has a serious career as a cartoonist. He has cooked squirrels professionally, been the Morris Dancing correspondent for The Lady and written a children's book.


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