Fun and Software: Exploring Pleasure, Paradox, and Pain in Computing.pdf

Fun and Software: Exploring Pleasure, Paradox, and Pain in Computing.pdf


Fun and Software offers the untold story of fun as constitutive of the culture and aesthetics of computing. Fun in computing is a mode of thinking, making and experiencing. It invokes and convolutes the question of rationalism and logical reason, addresses the sensibilities and experience of computation and attests to its creative drives. Exploring topics as diverse as the pleasure and pain of the programmer, geek wit, affects of play, and coding as a bodily pursuit of the unique in recursive structures helps construct a different point of entry to the understanding of software as culture-. Fun is a form of production that touches on the foundations of formal logic and precise notation as well as rhetoric, exhibiting the connections between computing and paradox, politics and aesthetics. From the formation of the discipline of programming as an outgrowth of pure mathematics to its manifestation in contemporary and contradictory forms such as gaming, data analysis and art, fun is a powerful force that continues to shape our life with software as it becomes the key mechanism of contemporary society. Including chapters from Matthew Fuller, Andrew Goffey, Adrian Mackenzie, Luciana Parisi and M. Beatrice Fazi, Geoff Cox and Alex McLean, Wendy Chun and Andrew Lison, Fun and Software makes a major contribution to the field of software studies and opens the topic of software to some of the most pressing concerns in contemporary theory.

Olga Goriunova is an Assistant Professor in the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, The University of Warwick, UK. She is author of Art Platforms and Cultural Production on the Internet (2012) and a co-founder of the Computational Culture journal.

Acknowledgements Introduction - Olga Goriunova Technology, Logistics and Logic: Rethinking the Problem of Fun in Software - Andrew Goffey Bend Sinister: Monstrosity and Normative Effect in Computational Practice - Simon Yuill Always One Bit More, Computing and the Experience of Ambiguity - Matthew Fuller Do Algorithms Have Fun? On Completion, Indeterminacy and Autonomy in Computation - Luciana Parisi and M. Beatrice Fazi useR!: Aggression, Alterity and Unbound Affects in Statistical Programming - Adrian Mackenzie Do (not) Repeat Yourself - Michael Murtaugh Not Just For Fun - Geoff Cox and Alex McLean Fun is a Battlefield: Software between Enjoyment and Obsession - Wendy Hui Kyong Chun and Andrew Lison Monopoly and The Logic of Sensation in Spacewar! - Christian Ulrik Andersen Human-Computer Interaction, a Sci-Fi discipline? - Brigitte Kaltenbacher A Fun Aesthetic and Art - Annet Dekker Material Imagination: on the Avant-Gardes, Time and Computation - Olga Goriunova Notes on Contributors


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