In The City of Gold and Silver.pdf

In The City of Gold and Silver.pdf


Little known, little remembered, this is the story of Begum Ham Mahal. The soul of 1857 War of Independence; orphaned poetess of the Chowk; captivating wife of King Waiid Alie Shah of Awadh; the Rani offhansi's contemprary and soul sister: freesom fighter and misunderstood mother illicit lover and intrepid war leader she risked everything only to face the greatest betrayal of all.

Kenize Mourad was born in France to a Turkish Princess and an Indian Raj. For almost fifteen years, she was a reporter and war correspondent, working, most notably, at Le Nouvel Observateur. De la part la princess morte has sold over a million copies worldwide and has been translated into 34 languages. This is Mourad's first novel.


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