Learning 2D Game Development with Unity: A Hands-on Guide to 3D Game Creation.pdf

Learning 2D Game Development with Unity: A Hands-on Guide to 3D Game Creation.pdf


Unity is the most popular game engine in use today, at schools, as well as AAA game studios and small independent studios. The Unity game engine provides affordable and incredibly powerful features that drive modern games. The engine supplies a set of libraries to help programmers get started. The libraries have multi-platform capability to allow developers to author once and deploy anywhere, whether desktop, web, mobile device or console. While reading Learning 2D Game Development with Unity: A Hands-On Guide to Game Creation, you will be taken through a series of lessons that will guide you through the many nuances of game development, including designing for multiple platforms, understanding game optimization techniques, interface and user input programming, art asset creation and usage, sounds and special effects, and publication. Each chapter in the book represents one of the critical steps in the game development cycle. In parallel with relevant theory, author Hasankolli details, as an illustration, the design and creation of the very same game presented throughout the text. Chapter by chapter, he guides you through exercises focused on the creation of the game. These exercises will allow you to build on skills and knowledge obtained in the previous chapters. By the end of the book, you will have created the game and gained a solid understanding of the game development process. To complement the text, the ancillaries deliver all game assets and code, as well as video tutorials.

* Setting up the Unity Development Environment * The Unity Game Engine * Asset Creation & the Unity Asset Store * The Game Environment * Game Mechanics & Play * Creating the User Interface * Creating a More Realistic Game World * Error Handling & Code Debugging * Releasing a Polished Product * Monetizing & Mobile Considerations


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