I am Cat.pdf

I am Cat.pdf


A cat sleeps, curled up in a warm place, and while it sleeps it dreams...of being a tiger, flame cat of the forest; a cheetah - fast as the wind on the African plains; a lion, lounging through the heat of the day, tangled in sunshine on the African savannah; a jaguar, perfectly camouflaged deep in the jungle. And the cat dreams of being a lynx, a puma, a snow leopard, a Scottish wild cat, an Asian fishing cat, and the rare Amur leopard. Finally Cat wakes, a domestic cat again, telling his dreams to the child who is stroking him. Ten wild habitats, ten wild cats and one domestic cat are dramatically and beautifully illustrated in this unique celebration of the cat.

"Children will love this imaginative story." -- Marilyn Brocklehurst Bookseller 'Cat lovers will only need to look at the illustrations to be seduced.' Carousel, Christmas Guide 'This is the perfect Christmas gift for cat lovers anywhere. Miaow!' Pirotta blog 'Exotic and exhilarating.' Armadillo 'ravishing paintings' Sunday Telegraph 'The scale, the richness of colour, the composition of each illustration is marvellous, fabulous.' Playing by the Book 'illustrations...are delicate and beautiful...and the poetry of her words just sparkles' ABC Magazine 'Beautiful' Your Cat 'This unique celebration of cats is not only a beautiful work of art for young children to enjoy, it is also extremely well researched and very informative.' IBBY Link 'An unique celebration of the cat in a beautifully illustrated book... With simple yet beautiful text, this book is perfect for cat-lovers and art-lovers alike.' Daily Post (North Wales) 'Jackie Morris' distinctive artwork brings these multiple cat personalities to life in the way that only she can. The sweeping, lyrical text adds even more movement to the pictures and draws the reader into the cat's sweet reverie. A bewitching book and a must for cat loving children.' The Book Corner 'The superb illustrations show every intricate detail of each cat in its own habitat ... so that you feel you are on safari watching the real thing, utterly mesmerised, feeling the fierce heat of the plains or the chill of the Russian winter.' School Librarian

JACKIE MORRIS lives in Wales with her two children, two dogs and three cats and makes a living by drawing, painting and dreaming. Jackie is well known for her illustrations to Ted Hughes's How the Whale Became (9781845079284). She regularly exhibits her paintings in galleries nationwide. Her other titles for Frances Lincoln are Mariana and the Merchild (9781845077082), The Snow Leopard (9781845076689), Can You See a Little Bear? (9781845073640), Snow Whale (9781845077174), Animals of the Bible (9780711218871), Lord of the Forest (9781845072766), Miracles (9780711215696), The Seal Children (9781845071097), Time of the Lion (9780711213388), Little One We Knew You'd Come (9781845077310), Parables (9780711215238), Tell Me a Dragon (9781845075347), The Cat and the Fiddle (9781845079871) and Ice Bear (9781845079680).


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