Harlow and Sage : A True Story About Best Friends.pdf

Harlow and Sage : A True Story About Best Friends.pdf


The ultimate holiday gift for dog-lovers everywhere, featuring “the most adorable best friends in the world” (Buzzfeed)

Introducing HARLOW AND SAGE (AND INDIANA): canine best friends who are taking the digital world by storm. Originally created as the Instagram account @harlowandsage by the dogs’ owner Brittni Vega in March 2013, the world first met Harlow (an uber-expressive pooch that brings to mind William Wegman’s iconic Weimaraner photos), and her small and mighty sibling Sage.  When Sage passed away in September, Vega brought Indiana, a Dachshund puppy, home as a new addition to the family. Vega’s heartwarming and beautiful photos chronicle Harlow and Sage’s, and then Harlow and Indiana’s antics—from their love of Meryl Streep to their distinct connection with one another displayed through their daily cuddles.

Today, in addition to the Huffington Post’s declaration, “now we are obsessed,” the HarlowandSage Instagram account has over 200,000 obsessive followers and one photo can garner upwards of 30,000 ‘likes’ within hours. This expressive Weimaraner and her two friends the ultimate pet phenomenon of 2014.

Praise for @HarlowandSage:

“Basically, these are the most adorable best friends in the world.” –Buzzfeed

“We can’t get enough…If you’re a pet owner then you know each little furball has their own (and very distinct) personality. Harlow, Sage and Indiana all three are sweet as pie, but goofy as can be.” –OK! Magazine

“Indiana the Dachshund and Harlow the Weimaraner are the new best friends taking Instagram by storm” –The Daily Mail

 “Now we are obsessed.” –The Huffington Post

“The latest furballs to attain fame may just be our favorites.” –People.com

Brittni Vega resides in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband Jeff. A dog enthusiast who enjoys photographing her pets and making people laugh, every moment of her free time is spent with her two best friends, Harlow and Indiana.


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