Property Finance: An International Approach + Website.pdf

Property Finance: An International Approach + Website.pdf


A holistic guide to financial and legal issues of real estate financing Property financing pertains to the various sources of capital invested in real estate assets. Built on a solid theoretical background, Property Finance features relevant case studies that cover the most common issues in property lending and financing. You will learn the policies surrounding debt and equity resources, preferred equity, mezzanine debt, and other hybrid forms in both general and country-specific terms. The first, general section of the book addresses real estate lending at an international level, financial cash flows, and the main clauses of financing agreements. The second, country-specific section discusses the more relevant element of European markets with a focus on the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. The book uniquely focuses on real estate financing exclusively, instead of on investment, valuation, or REITS A mix of theoretical and practical examples provides useful explanations followed by immediate practical cases A frequently updated website complete with errata corrige, updates, new spreadsheets, useful data, and other features accompanies the information in the book Featuring practical case studies and a holistic approach to real estate financing topics, Property Financing is the ideal handbook to applicable financial and legal issues for financial students and managers.


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