Shape Memory Alloy Engineering: for Aerospace, Structural and Biomedical Applications.pdf

Shape Memory Alloy Engineering: for Aerospace, Structural and Biomedical Applications.pdf


Shape Memory Alloy Engineering provides materials, mechanical and aerospace engineers with an introduction to shape memory alloys, providing a unique perspective that combines fundamental theory with new approaches to design and modeling of actual SMAs as compact and inexpensive actuators for use in aerospace and other applications. With this book you will gain an understanding the intrinsic properties of SMAs and their characteristic state diagrams, giving you the knowledge to design innovative compact actuation systems for the applications you are involved with: from aerospace and aeronautics to ships, from cars to trucks! The book realistically discusses both the potential of these fascinating materials as well as their limitations in everyday life and how to overcome some of those limitations in order to achieve proper design of useful SMA mechanisms. * Discusses material characterization processes and results for a number of newer SMAs.* Incorporates numerical (FE) simulation and integration procedures into commercial codes (Msc/Nastran, Abaqus, ...) * Provides detailed examples on design procedures and optimization of SMA-based actuation systems for real cases, from specs to verification lab tests on physical demonstrators* One of the only SMA books that includes design and set-up of demonstrator characterization tests and correlation with numerical models

Dr. Lecce graduated with honors in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Naples. In 1973 he was appointed Assistant Professor of Aircraft Structures at the Engineering Faculty of the University of Naples "Federico II". In 1982 he became Associate Professor of Aeroelasticity, where he taught this course until 1993. In 1993 he became Full Professor and from 1994 he has been teaching the course on Aircraft Structures. He has been Scientific Consultant for the Vibration and Acoustic Group at CIRA (Italian Aerospace Research Centre). From 1994 to 1997 he was a member of the CIRA Scientific Committee. He has been responsible for several research contracts sponsored by UE in the field of noise active control in aircraft and helicopters, and European Scientific Coordinator for the MADAVIC (Magnetostrictive Actuators for Damage Analysis and Vibration Control). The results of his research are in more than 110 papers published in national and international journals and Proceedings. He is member of numerous scientific associations such as AIDAA, AIAS, AIV, AIAA, SEM. Dr. Concilio earned his PhD in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Napoli in 1995. He was awarded the ECATA ABI (Aerospace Business Integration) Diploma on Aerospace Environment, Integrated Product Development and International Project Management, in 2008, at the University of Pisa. He has been working as a Researcher at The Italian Aerospace Research Centre (Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali, CIRA) since 1989 where he is currently the Head of the Vibroacoustics and Smart Structures Lab. He is a lecturer inside the School of the PhD students of the University of Napoli (SCUDO), about "Smart Structures Theory and Applications". Responsible for several research contracts sponsored by UE in the field of smart structures and noise and vibration control, in aircraft and helicopters, he was the European Scientific Coordinator of the IDEA PACI project. The results of his research activity are in more than 90 papers published on national and international Journals. He is member of the AIDAA and, SPIE.


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