Beginner's Guide to Enamelling.pdf

Beginner's Guide to Enamelling.pdf


Dorothy Cockrell encourages readers to enjoy the delights of this exciting and gratifying craft. Offering easy step-by-step photographs and instructions, she guides the reader through all the different techniques, illustrating how beautiful and unusual effects can be achieved once the basic principles have been learnt. She discusses how to prepare the metal, choosing and mixing colours and firing methods. More advanced techniques are also included: stencilling, drawing on enamel, sgrafitto, using rubber stamps, working with gold and silver leaf, and more. You can make jewellery, decorate boxes, create pictures, embellish bowls and produce many unique designs. The vibrant colours and wonderful textures will make you want to experiment and develop your own projects. Packed with stimulating and innovative ideas, this book will appeal to beginners who want to start a fascinating new craft, and it will also inspire anyone interested in the art of enamelling.

Dorothy Cockrell was a teacher for many years, making silver jewellery and learning enamelling in her spare time. Retirement set her free to pursue her interest, and she began to win awards for her work from the Guild of Enamellers. She now edits their journal, runs workshops and courses in Britain and overseas and regularly exhibits her work. Dorothy works in the former coal-hole of her home in Scotland, finding inspiration from poetry, natural patterns and colours, textiles and the work of other craftspeople. She finds experimenting, bending the rules and discovering new techniques as satisfying as producing finished enamelled pieces.

Introduction Tools and equipment Basic techniques Advanced stencilling Drawing on enamel Sgraffito Rubber stamps Swirling Crazy paving Insets Gold and silver leaf Raku Silver raku Mixed techniques Troubleshooting Index


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