Still Reigning: Thoughts of a Queen.pdf

Still Reigning: Thoughts of a Queen.pdf


Sixty years on the British throne. It's been a challenge, as @Queen_UK doesn't mind telling you. But despite it all, she's still here. Still in charge, still iconic, and still keeping the gin industry in business. Still reigning.

In this uproarious collections of musings from a matriarch, the Queen [of Twitter] shares some unvarnished opinions about her subjects and the rest of the civilized world. Of her adoring public across the pond in America, she notes, "One thinks of them as a mother thinks of a teenage boy; with a mixture of pride and exasperation." Witty and insightful, Yes Ma'am is a glimpse inside the mind of Britain's pop monarch.

@Queen_UK has been the undisputed queen of media since May 2010. She has written widely for some of the biggest media outlets and has an online reach of well over one million people.


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