Research Design and Statistics.pdf

Research Design and Statistics.pdf


The majority of physicians are poorly knowledgeable about statistics and research design, yet are expected to do clinical research and write articles (if in academia) or, at the very least, to read the literature critically and provide evidence-based care to patients. The basic skills involved are touched on very minimally in residency, but not in enough depth for an untrained investigator to successfully design or conduct a study, or analyze research findings in any meaningful way. This volume is intended as a "quick fix", allowing readers to look up information rapidly about various design types and statistical methods to see what the pros, cons, and indications for each are. Research implementation, including regulatory issues and grant writing, is also covered. The book is unique in physical medicine and rehabilitation, and with the increased emphasis on outcomes measurement and push toward a national agenda for disability research, will appeal both to investigators planning and executing studies and clinicians looking to better understand how the findings impact their practice. A list of topics with an outline of headings for each of the sections is attached.

Research Design and Statistics features:

  • Consistent approach/uniform format-allows readers to find the information they need rapidly
  • Unique focus on research and statistics in physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • Designed to be accessible for clinicians
  • Part of an established series Rehabilitation Medicine Quick Reference (RMQR)
  • Examples drawn from all rehab areas-broad appeal across subspecialties

Flora Hammond, MD, Chair, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Covalt Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Indiana School of Medicine, USA, and Chief of Medical Affairs, Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana, Indianapolis, USA

James Malec, PhD, Research Director, Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana, USA, and Professor Emeritus, Mayo Clinic, USA

Todd Nick


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