Kurdistan - A Companion.pdf

Kurdistan - A Companion.pdf


Companion Guides is a travel guide series that targets business travellers and expatriate residents.The oil-rich Kurdish region of northern Iraq is now a semi-autonomous state within Iraq. Stable and surprisingly prosperous, the KRG is a magnet for foreign investment and an ever more important business hub for the region. With a landscape rather like Switzerland, Iraqi Kurdistan is a tourist destination of growing significance.

Yvonne van der Bilj is a writer and photographer and has published three earlier travel guides on Guatemala, Bolivia and Morocco. She has travelled extensively in Kurdistan and has developed a passion for the land and people. Parwez Zabihi is an artist, photographer and author and was a significant contributor to an earlier title, "Kurdistan, A Nation Emerges." He is currently editor of an English language photography magazine in Kurdistan and is associate adviser to Rezhyar Arts, an organization devoted to developing the Arts in Kurdistan.


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