Computer Law and Ethics.pdf

Computer Law and Ethics.pdf


This text covers the introduction to modern computer law and ethics. The strategy for this text is to present a case study for a legal topic in each chapter, followed by the corresponding theory relating to ethics within the field of information technology. The text also covers legal-related topics such as intellectual capital, constitutional law, virtual environments, digital forensic investigations, and computer crime. Completing the text will provide the reader with a theoretical and practical understanding of the modern legal environment and ethics related to the field of information technology. It presents the theoretical background concerning ethics and reinforces these concepts in each chapter with modern case studies. It covers the technical aspects of digital forensic investigation to include presentation of the evidence in the courts. It discusses intellectual capital and the legal environment within the virtual environment. Companion DVD includes forensic software, cases, resources.

Charles Thies has a successful track record as an IT executive in business and with the DOD and is currently an instructor at Tulane University. He is the author of several books including Cybercrime, Microsoft Office 2010 and Beyond, Camtasia, and Operating Systems.

1. Introduction to Cyber Ethics.; 2. Internet and Web Regulation.; 3. The Constitution and Cyber Law.; 4. Intellectual Capital in a Cyber World.; 5. Computer Crime.; 6. Digital Forensic Investigations.; 7. Virtual Work Environments.; 8. Cloud Assets, Privacy, and Federal Law.


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