HTML5 Canvas: Pocket Primer.pdf

HTML5 Canvas: Pocket Primer.pdf


This book provides an overview of many aspects of HTML5 Canvas, primarily for self-directed learners who are comfortable with HTML/Javascript and who want to learn about HTML5 Canvas. Readers will learn how to render 2D shapes, apply transformations, and create animation effects in HTML5 Canvas. It covers JavaScript toolkits that provide a layer of abstraction on top of HTML5 Canvas and also how to create hybrid mobile applications that use HTML5 Canvas. It includes source code and videos on the companion DVD. It provides a broad overview of HTML5 Canvas. It illustrates HTML5 Canvas with jQuery Mobile on hybrid HTML5 Mobile apps.

1: Basic Canvas Shapes.; 2: HTML5 Canvas with Gradients.; 3: Circles, Arcs, and Bezier Curves.; 4: Applying Canvas Transforms to 2D Shapes.; 5: HTML5 Canvas and User Events.; 6: HTML5 Canvas and Animation Effects.; 7: Charts and Graphs in HTML5 Canvas.; 8: Audio and Video in HTML5 Canvas.; 9: jQuery and HTML5 Canvas.; 10: HTML5 Canvas and Mobile Applications.


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