Financial, Commercial, and Mortgage Mathematics and Their Applications.pdf

Financial, Commercial, and Mortgage Mathematics and Their Applications.pdf


An updated and expanded version of the time-honored classic text on financial math, this book provides, in one place, a complete and practical treatment of the four primary venues for finance: commercial lending, financial formulas, mortgage lending, and resource allocation or capital budgeting techniques. With an emphasis on understanding the principles involved rather than blind reliance on formulas, the book provides rigorous and thorough explanations of the mathematical calculations used in determining the time value of money, valuation of loans by commercial banks, valuation of mortgages, and the cost of capital and capital budgeting techniques for single as well as mutually exclusive projects. This new edition devotes an entire chapter to a method of evaluating mutually exclusive projects without resorting to any imposed conditions. Two chapters not found in the previous edition address special topics in finance, including a novel and innovative way to approach amortization tables and the time value of money for cash flows when they increase geometrically or arithmetically. This new edition also features helpful how-to sections on Excel applications at the end of each appropriate chapter.


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