A Woman's Place.pdf

A Woman's Place.pdf


A moving saga set against the suffragette movement before the First World War. Eveline's father believes a woman's place is in the home... But when she is accidentally caught up in a suffragette march, it changes her life forever. She finds friendships, and even the possibility of love too in the form of the gentlemanly Laurence Jones-Fairbrook. But will she be forced to choose between her family and friends... between duty and love? (Note: previously published as "Give Me Tomorrow" by Elizabeth Lord)

Maggie was born in the East End of London but at the age of six she moved to Essex, where she has lived ever since. After the death of her first husband, when she was only twenty-six, she went to work as a legal secretary until she remarried in 1968. She has a son and two daughters, all married; her second husband died in 1984. She has been writing short stories since the early 1970s.


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