Indian Summer.pdf

Indian Summer.pdf


Some memories are best forgotten... For retired actor Mungo, his quiet, home village in Devon provides a perfect setting. Close by are his brother and his wife, and the rural location makes his home the ideal getaway for his dear friends in London. Among those are Kit, who comes to stay this summer, searching for some clarity on a potentially life-changing event in her personal life. They encounter Emma, a military wife renting one of the houses nearby who is also in personal turmoil -- and more danger than she realises. As the summer unfolds, earth-shattering secrets are uncovered. Can Mungo and those around him come to terms with their pasts, in order to move on to a happier future?

MARCIA WILLETT's early life was devoted to the ballet, but her dreams of becoming a ballerina ended when she grew out of the classical proportions required. She had always loved books, and a family crisis made her take up a new career as a novelist -- a decision she has never regretted. She lives in a beautiful and wild part of Devon.


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