The Calling: A Life Lifted by Mountains.pdf

The Calling: A Life Lifted by Mountains.pdf


The climbing memoir of a poor half-breed kid from the wrong side of the tracks. The Canadian Rockies called to him, raised him out of juvenile delinquency, and showed him a path to world-class alpinism and professional mountain guiding. This story conveys the power of mountains to lift us physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually, and the special relationships formed there. The author has shared his climbing escapades and has been influenced by renowned alpinists Kevin Doyle, Mark Twight, David Cheesmond, Ward Robinson, and Steve House.

Barry Blanchard is one of North America's top alpinists, noted for pushing the standards of highly technical, high-risk alpine climbing in the Canadian Rockies and the Himalayas. Blanchard is a Patagonia Ambassador. He lives in Calgary, Alberta.


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