Helene & Olivier Lempereur: Architects/Designers New Works.pdf

Helene & Olivier Lempereur: Architects/Designers New Works.pdf


This is a fantastic new monograph, the third published by Beta-Plus Publishing, dedicated to the work of the Franco- Belgian architect and designer Olivier Lempereur and his wife Helene. This fabulous coffee table book shows a world of elegance, refinement and discrete luxury, the characteristics of every creation of Helene and Olivier Lempereur. Text in English, French and Dutch.

Wim Pauwels, founder and managing director of Beta-Plus Publishing, began putting out a series of books in 1997 about architecture and interior design. So far the company has published more than 250 themed titles (living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, children's rooms, antique building materials, restoration, renovation, gardens and swimming pools), plus monographs of architects and interior designers, manuals and yearbooks about timeless and contemporary architecture and interiors. For each book he enlists the assistance of authoritative specialists for the introductory texts and photograph captions.


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