The iOS 7 Developer's Jumpstart Guide to New Features.pdf

The iOS 7 Developer's Jumpstart Guide to New Features.pdf


This book covers everything iOS developers need to take full advantage of the latest iOS SDK's most powerful new capabilities. Focusing specifically on the new iOS's innovations, best-selling iOS author Erica Sadun applies the same proven recipe-style format that has made her iOS Developer's Cookbooks worldwide best-sellers. She provides well-tested, easy-to-adapt, ready-to-use solutions that help you get results while others are just getting their feet wet. Building on just-released information from Apple, Sadun offers practical code and insights into: * Developing for iOS's revamped and refined user interface * Core Text's integration into UIKit and TextKit, and its implication for UI design and coding * The newest enhancements to Map Kit and AVFoundation * Dynamic and motion interfaces with their physics-based features * UIKit's keyframe animation system and updated transitions * iOS's multipeer connectivity, and more!

Chapter 1: New and Notable in iOS Chapter 2: Dynamic Typography Chapter 3: Page Setting with TextKit Chapter 4: Document Containers and Modern Attributed Strings Chapter 5: Dynamic Interfaces and Animators Chapter 6: UIKit Animation: Keyframes and Beyond Chapter 7: AVFoundation: Barcode Scanning, Speech Synthesis, and Feature Detection Chapter 8: Advanced Topics


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