Dairy Microbiology and Biochemistry: Recent Developments.pdf

Dairy Microbiology and Biochemistry: Recent Developments.pdf


This book covers recent developments in types, classifications, and genetic traits of indigenous milk microorganisms and dairy starter cultures. It also discusses biochemical reactions taking place in different dairy products and microorganisms involved in such reactions. The text provides strategies for rapid detection of pathogenic and non-pathogenic organisms in milk and milk products and safety systems for dairy processing. It concludes with a discussion of the effects of non-thermal processing technologies on milk microorganisms and biochemical reactions in milk products.

Microbiology of Raw Milk, Golfo Moatsou and Ekaterini Moschopoulou Dairy Starter Cultures, Zeynep Ustunol Recent Advances in Genetics of Lactic Acid Bacteria, Nefise Akcelik, Omer Simsek, and Mustafa Akcelik Biopreservation by Lactic Acid Bacteria, Per E. J. Saris Microbiology of Processed Liquid Milk, Ebru Senel and Ayse Gursoy Cheese Microbiology, Manuela Pintado, Adriano Gomes da Cruz and Patricia B. Zacarchenco Rodrigues de Sa Primary Biochemical Events During Cheese Ripening, A. A. Hayaloglu and P. L. H. McSweeney Microbiology and Biochemistry of Yogurt and Other Fermented Milk Products, Barbaros Ozer Development of Fermented Milk Products Containing Probiotics, Claude P. Champagne Microbiology of Cream, Butter, Ice Cream and Related Products, Hamid Ghoddusi and Barbaros Ozer Microbiology of Evaporated, Condensed and Powdered Milk, Ayse Demet Karaman and Valente B. Alvarez Functional Dairy Ingredients, Ana Raquel Madureira, Ana Gomes and Manuela Pintado Non-Thermal Processing of Milk and Milk Products for Microbial Safety, Gulsun Akdemir Evrendilek Microbiological Safety Systems for Dairy Processing, Theo Varzakas Strategies for Rapid Detection of Milk-borne Pathogens, Keith A. Lampel Current Regulations in Microbiological Control of Milk and Dairy Products, Theo Varzakas, Ilya Vladimirovich Nikolaev and Olga Vladimirovna Koroleva


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