Human Geography: A Short Intro, P.pdf

Human Geography: A Short Intro, P.pdf


Using the story of the rise and faltering of the West as its backdrop, this book provides for beginning students a clear and concise introduction to Human Geography, including its threshold concepts, key thinkers and their theories, contemporary debates, and celebrated case studies.  Introduces and applies the basic concepts of human geography in clear, concise, and engaging prose. Addresses important thinkers, debates, and theories in an accessible manner with a focus on discerning the inherent Western bias in these ideas Incorporates case studies that explore human geographies which are being made in non western regions, including Asia, the Middle East, and South America. Offers an array of student resources, including learning objectives, checklists of key ideas, further exploration boxes, glossaries, end–of–chapter essay questions, and suggestions for further reading Accompanied by a website at (available on publication) featuring additional quizzes, questions, resources, and podcasts for students, alongside chapter–by–chapter PowerPoint slides for instructors Explores the significance of the ascendance (and degeneration?) of the West since around the fifteenth century in the shaping of the key demographic, environmental, social, economic, political, and cultural processes active in the world today.

Mark Boyle is Professor of Geography and Director of the National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analyses (NIRSA) at the National University of Ireland Maynooth. He has taught introductory and advanced courses in Human Geography for more than twenty years. He has also researched and published widely in the fields of migration, diaspora and development, and spatial planning and urban and regional development.  


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