Clinical Paediatric Dietetics.pdf

Clinical Paediatric Dietetics.pdf


"Clinical Paediatric Dietetics "is a comprehensive guide to the nutritional management of a wide range of paediatric disorders. It provides key information on how conditions may benefit from nutritional support or be ameliorated or resolved by dietary intervention. Covering assessment, requirements and normal healthy eating as well as the dietetic management and nutrition support of inherited metabolic disorders and diseases of all major organ systems, it is an indispensable guide for all those involved in the nutritional treatment of children.Fully revised and updated for its fourth edition, this practical manual now includes links to useful online content and incorporates a range of case studies to place material in clinical context. Written by dietitians for dietitians and officially supported by the British Dietetic Association, "Clinical Paediatric Dietetics "is an indispensable resource for all healthcare practitioners caring for children.


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