Carolee Schneemann: Unforgivable.pdf

Carolee Schneemann: Unforgivable.pdf


A richly visual overview of Schneemann's work alongside contributions from an exclusive group of writers, including Melissa Ragona, Kristine Stiles, Ken White and Lawrence Alloway. Carolee Schneemann is one of the most important artists of her generation, with a career spanning seven decades, and work in media as diverse as painting, sculpture, performance, film, and video. Known to many for her groundbreaking feminist performance and film works, Schneemann still considers herself a 'painter', a reflection on her first accomplished works that experimented with figurative abstraction. Her interest in painting has continued through to the present, and was seen most recently in her exhibition, Flange 6rpm, at PPOW, New York, 2013. An artist known for her experimental approach and political convictions, Schneemann has been the subject of numerous exhibitions and publications throughout her career, with work in the collections of Tate Modern, the Commune di Milano, the Pompidou Centre and MOMA, to name but a few. In addition to the most thorough visual overview of her work to date, Carolee Schneemann: Unforgivable comprises contributions from an exclusive group of writers familiar with the artist's work, including reprints from 1960s reviews in The Village Voice and The New York Times, and contains the most comprehensive bibliography and biography on the artist to date.


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