The web wargame toolkit.pdf

The web wargame toolkit.pdf


This book walks readers through the process of crafting a Wargame in PHP utilizing the Codelgniter application framework. Exploring both application development issues and game design development issues, the readers will work through database and code system design in order to craft a functioning turn-based wargame. The wargame project serves as an exciting context for PHP programmers looking to gain in depth application coding experience. Those with an interest in game development will learn the code skills to support design decisions as they create the game project. The book assumes at least a beginning level of PHP coding; however, no previous Codelgniter or game development experience is required. It includes complete source code for a game project. The complete source code - models, controllers and views, for the game at the center of the book is included and can be adapted and modified by the user. It contains the full database design (SQL) for game data structures. The design gives non-database programmers all the tools to move forward and a starting point for experienced SQL developers to add more depth to unit and map data structures. It shows a flexible game map system. This system can be the foundation upon which readers can move forward with their own game projects, be they a different form of hex-based wargame or other map-based game project. It includes a complete overview of a simple CRUD system. The model-controller-view CRUD system can easily be expanded and modified to tackle any "single table at a time" database manipulation problem.

1. Introduction; 2. Thinking Through Our Wargame.; 3. Getting Your Feet Wet with Codelgniter.; 4. Model-Controller-View Approach.; 5. Basics of Interface Design; 6. User Authentication (Using and Expanding on BiAuth).; 7. Basic CRUD System; 8. Designing a Basic Data System for Your Game.; 9. Game Initialization; 10. Turn Flow; 11. Conflict Resolution.; 12. Map Design and Rendering.; 13. The Man Behind the Curtain - Determining Legal Moves.; 14. Scenario Design.; 15. Advanced Game Design - Making It Feel Real.; 16. Artificial Intelligence - Crafting a Digital Opponent.; 17. Next Steps.; Appendix A. Installation; Appendix B. About the DVD.


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