Emotion: All That Matters.pdf

Emotion: All That Matters.pdf


Despite decades of debate, psychologists are still undecided on what exactly emotion is. This book will help students and general readers to explore emotion and reach their own conclusions. The fascinating, and sometimes controversial, topics covered include what emotions actually are, how they are portrayed and recognised, why negative emotions arise and how they can be managed, whether emotion can be effectively faked or hidden, and how emotions affect decision-making. A final chapter, 'The route to happiness', discusses the most sought-after emotion of all, and asks how the research around emotion can be applied practically.

Dr Mann is an experienced Chartered Psychologist and is Senior Psychology Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and Director of The MindTraining Clinic in Manchester. She specialises in emotions and appears frequently in the press and media outlets as an expert in the field. She has published widely in the area of emotions in both academic journals and psychology self-help and specialises in researching emotions at UCLan. Sandi has authored (or co-authored) many academic journal articles in the field of emotions on topics such as Emotional Labour, Emotion Management, Emotional Expression and Display and Anger.


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